Cookies Policy 

What are cookies?

- Cookies are messages or small data files that pass from your device to your browser and helps you in navigating your way for an improved browsing experience, for instance websites being able to tailor their needs to you.

What are cookies used for?
- As mentioned above, websites are able to personalise your experience when browsing by remembering your preferences/settings, or what you have already bought. It also helps us in remembering you when you revisit the website and allows us as a company to make improvements and aid in easier access for the benefit of the customer.

Are cookies harmful?
- No, they are not harmful and are not intended to infect computers through viruses or other routes. Our cookies are very secure and plan on only enhancing your experience when browsing.

Can I manage my cookies?
- If you wish to disable cookies, you can manage your cookie settings on your web browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Mobile devices rely on their owner’s manual. 
1. Chrome: Select ‘settings’ from the chrome menu, go to advanced ‘privacy and security’ then ‘content settings- cookies’, then check/uncheck the cookie option
2. Firefox: Select ‘options’ in the tools menu, click ‘privacy & security’, scroll to ‘cookies & site data’ then choose preferred settings.
3. Internet Explorer: Select the tools icon then ‘internet options’, select the ‘privacy tab’ (sites), then choose your settings
4. Safari: Select ‘preferences’, then ‘privacy’, then select your preferred settings

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